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Friday, July 7, 2017

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Just last weekend, our 2nd camping trip of the year, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After driving 3.5 hours we finally made it and it's lunch time! we stopped over in S Yarmouth for some lobster roll which I've been craving since planning this trip

yum yum, lobster rolls and fried clam chowder

local clam baked Quahog @ Skipper Restaurant and Chowder House food was good 

it takes another hour drive from the south to the north, and time to check it to our campground!

There were many camping ground to choose from in Cape Cod, it's a huge place. the location we picked was almost to the end of Cape Cod in North Truro, a town next to Provincetown aka P town. However i would not recommend this campsite where we camped(Horton's Camping Resort)!!! the camping site we were given was small (not to mention NO to limited space between campsites) and there were ant nests all over the campsite, and i even saw cockroaches...they really need to do some pest control around the area. Oh ya it was the most least crowd campground we ever been. it was abit boring in the evening but at least we got a good night sleep. toilet were clean but there were only 2 shower rooms (and there was a big spider in it on the 1st day)

Anyway i didn't took any picture as it was a little disappointing. Good things about this campsite is the location

There is a bus stop just right in front of the entrance where one can take the bus to the Pier/ P town. It cost $2/ride or $6/ day unlimited rides which was nice as we don't have to drive to P town and stress with parking

also within walking distance to Highland Light(Cape Cod Light)

one can hike up the lighthouse, with a small fee of course 

when i booked the campground it says beach access, i though it was like a 5 minutes walk from the camp as it turns out it's about 15 minutes walk to Town of Truro, Coast Guard Beach. it's only free after 4pm

we saw seals swimming close to the shore, which was pretty cool to watch. According to the sign there are great white sharks in this area and the prey on seals so swimming near the seals is a big  NO NO

it's quite a quiet beach, must be the cold weather i guess. it's was almost cloudy the whole time we were in Cape Cod...thanks to my Photoshop skill, we got blue sky...hahaha

the water was like ice water

very nice,peaceful and clean beach

we had a nice walked along the beach

 Day 2
a must do in Cape Cod is Whale watching. It was our 1st time and it was fun.
taking the bus early morning at 8am to Macmillan Pier

hangout by the pier before our boat ride

there are many whale watching boat company to choose from. Pilgrim Monument on the background standing tall

hey free willy

fishing boat 

Our whale watch was with Dolphin Fleet in P town for $47/ pax  there is a $2 rebate if you booked online

there are some refreshments on board

heading out at 9:30am

many said morning the ocean are calmer but unfortunate ours was quite rough. Seawater was splashing, strong wind was blowing and the boat was rocking. Jacket is highly recommended, it was effing cold!!

the whole tour took about 3 hours , 15 minutes out we already spotted whales, Fin Whales to be exact 

it was so fun....everyone was making uhhhsss and ahhhhss

it is said that the whale can communicate with each other for as far as few hundred miles 

unfortunately free willy didn't jump up and make a big splash , we just got a nice small side flip

i was hoping to see few types of whales but we only got Fin Whale but i'm happy that i finally see whales in their natural habitat. The captain said the whale comes to Cape Cod during summer, and the spend winter in the Caribbean

after whale watching, time for more seafood!!! we had a very heavy yummy lunch @ Lobster Pot. The food was great and the seafood fresh. I had seafood Pamela(it's not the average Paella) more like a seafood stew with I'm not sure what;s that tiny ball which taste like some type of pasta. Boon had his favorite Seafood Ciopino (he still thinks the one in San Fran taste better)
both huge portion. It was a total seafood overdose!!! in a good way. Price was reasonable too

after a heavy lunch almost feeling sleepy we walk lazily around P town

a relax, vibrant cute little town with charming little shops

boon admiring flower...such a delicate soul...hahaha

there are hydrangeas in like every beautiful. i wish mine would bloom more flowers

P town, town hall

from P town we took the bus to Race Point beach which is the most north point of Cape Cod

just chilling

Day 3
we venture slightly toward south visiting Wellfleet town and we stumble upon this trail, Hamblen Park. It's a nice place to visit during low tide

we saw live Horseshoe crab, something I've not seen in a long long time, back in Penang.
it was pretty awesome to see it again. it is said that Horseshoe crab exist way way back before the dinosaurs like 450 million years ago, they are considered living fossils 

horseshoe crab shell

there were everywhere along the shore

I'm not sure what these are....clams? mussels?

they are like everywhere. i wonder if they edible ,
we were discussing how we would totally lived here if there is a Zombie apocalypse, free seafood!!!

there are also plenty of mini crabs with asymmetric claws. According to Google, the male Fiddler crab(that's their name) will use their one big claw to perform a waving display as a form of female courtship. Females(claws are both the same size)choose their mate based on claw size and also quality of the waving display..... every one put your hand up.......hey.....hoooo.....hey hooo and wave  .lol 

the trail connects to a small beach area, it's probably only accessible during low tide otherwise it's kind of a private beach 

beautiful cactus flower 

trail through a mini forest, back to our car. Good thing about this trail is that it's Free and so much to see

we then headed south again to Cape Cod Seashore National Park, Salt Pond Visitor Center
on our way we stop over Arnold's lobster and clam bar. we ordered a big fried seafood platter(there was, calamari, cod fish, big scallops. oysters, shrimps and fries) big enough for 2-3 person and a nice strawberry milkshake. Food was good and fresh......too bad i was too hungry to take any photos. 

Salt Pond Visitor Center, it's free only beaches are not...but one can also go to the beach for free after 4pm

there were a few short trails around the visitor center both for bicycles and for walking.
This is the Nauset Marsh trail a short easy trail....however there was a lot of poison ivy along the trail, so caution!!! mosquito repellent is a must during summer

beautiful landscape 

i wonder what they are catching

after the trail we headed down to see the light houses @ Nauset Light Beach just a short drive from the visitor center.
This is the three sister Lighthouses. To see the light house is free but parking is not. as the parking is limit here(it's literary just 3 parking spots) one can always park at the Nausea Light beach, for $20/day for private vehicle, $10 for motorcycle and $3 for walk in and bicycle

we were about to give up as we refuse to pay $20 just to see the light houses. so we drive up further and there was a school parking lot just 10 minutes walk away from the Three Sisters Lighthouses which was win!!! parking was almost full too.....we are not the only smart ass

from the Three Sisters we walk another 10 minutes to Nauset Light

it looks like the light house on the CapeCod potato chip package

the light house is literary in front of this house's front many people can actually say that about their house??

we then waltz right through the parking lot and to the beach

admiring the view and the smell of the Atlantic Ocean

it's amazing how people can swim in this freezing cold water......salute
i only manage to soak my feet in the water

is that you Zac Efron

after that we head back north to Marconi Station Site just a 10 minutes drive away from Nauset Light Beach. 

This is the place where the 1st 2-way transoceanic communication and the 1st wireless telegraph between America and Europe by Gugliemo Marconi

finally our last day we have blue too bad at least we got to see Cape Cod at it's best

but the good weather changed after 10 minutes when we wanted to go to the beach...oh well we can't have it all, right?

after a tiring day we came back to our campground and found wild turkeys

busy pecking on insect

and that's the end of our 3 nights Cape Cod camping trip. I love that i got to see so much though the camping was a disappointment however whales, horseshoe crab, wild turkey and the fresh yummy seafood did make up for it. I just wish that the weather was warmer so that we could go for a swim in the Atlantic ocean...oh well like i always say, you can't always win just enjoy and embrace both the good and the bad

happy summer time

~ bye bye ~
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