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Monday, January 8, 2018

Road trip in the west coast - Zion National Park Part 2

Day 3

we are going to hike Angel's Landing, the most popular trail in Zion NP and also it can be quite challenging for some people especially those whom are afraid of heights. Well for small children and people with Acrophobia can still do part of this trail and still get to enjoy and see beautiful view of Zion NP. The thing about popular trails are it's always crowded!!! ALWAYS come early, as parking is really limited especially when the shuttle bus is not running.

woke up early to a chilly November morning.....had some nutrient bar for breakfast and out we go. We stayed some distance from the NP and with the road work were really lucky to have found a parking spot by the time we reached the trail head

the trail is @ The Grotto when we parked our car but there are additional parking at the Zion Lodge where you can walk a short distance to the trail head

weather was really cold in the morning bit cloudy but still beautiful nonetheless

the trail started off easy

still cold

taking our own sweet time, soaking in the beauty of nature

going up

oh wow i came a long way

this part was the most tiring for this trail in my opinion

and here we are, arrived at the dangerous part of Angel's Landing trail.
Many turn back from this point

there are also toilets here

chipmunks here are pretty friendly

they'll love you if you have food...haha i guess they don't have much to eat up here huh

Warning!!! no matter where you are always be careful and know your limit

ok we are doing this

there is only ONE way back and forth. Though it's consider as a dangerous trail still it's with heavy traffic so another reason to come early! it's important or you'll be stuck in the traffic..hehe

there is only 1 metal chain to hold on along the way.
The trail to the summit was constructed in 1926

one wrong step....and it's a long way down!!!

the next mountain 

some path is wide enough and with no chains

ok we are at another resting area....many also did this part and turn back here especially those with younger children. When we were there, there was a lady broke down because she was too scared. Aways know your limit.
For us the trail was awesome so far...some scary part but still we can handle it!!! just go on your own pace

nice spot for a rest and snack time.
the trail might be challenging but there are spots where we could rest and enjoy the's not narrow the whole way. So i find that it's manageable not very scary 

ok must continue....we are still a long way to go

ok climbing up....where we were climbing, we are so focus i don't even feel scared or nervous 

see some parts are really not that bad...i can even take photos

before coming here...i did some research and watch a few youtube video of the trail. To be honest i was afraid when i watch the video but when I'm here myself...i don't know about other hikers but it's not at all scary for me

scary or not still one need to be careful always when hiking...
best advise i received when i went hiking in Huang Shan, China(beautiful place, also has narrow trails like in Zion) many years ago,is that.... "When you walk don't look at the view, and when you look at the view don't walk"! 
couldn't agree more...especially narrow trails like this, once can easily slipped off when not paying attention to where one is stepping

we rest alot...hehe

a sneak peek of what we'll see @ Angel's Landing

a steep climb

oh wow we've come a long way. almost there!!!

see the tiny people??? we were there just now

ok this is it! one like climb and we are there

amazing view of the Big Bend from Angel's Landing

we made it!!! 2.4 mile one way

we did it!!! we now officially have bragging right...yippy

now i can chilllex

some people even go further down to where there's lots of Cairn 

but no thanks i'm comfy here with 360 degree of breathtaking view

View from Angel's Landing.... in 1916 a group passing through the canyon and commend that only an angel could land on top of it and that's how the name was born

proof pic

everyone enjoying the 3 S...sun, scenery and snacks :)

after about 30 minutes rest, food, drink and few hundred photos after time to head back down

i love this picture

the climb down was not too bad either....and it was almost noon...the crowd it getting thicker but still not too bad. everyone was really cooperative so the waiting time was short

by the time we complete our 5 mile round trail of Angel's Landing which took us of total 4.5hours

as we didn't want to give up our parking spot...we walked from the car parked to Zion Lodge there is a nice short scenic pathway...
we were super hungry having only survive until now with just nutrient bars....we decided to head to Zion Lodge for a hot meal. Unfortunately the waiting time was 1 HOUR and we saw there was many unfinished meal by some of the customers....decided to skip it! and eat more nutrient bar....good thing we brought alot

after loaded up with nutrient bar... we continue to another trail the emerald pool. The trail head was just right across from the Lodge 

the Emerald Pool was a bit dry well it is Autumn

better luck in Spring and summer

but somehow the trail was wet and abit slippery

well there is a little water coming down

continue climbing up to the upper Emerald Pool trail

it was a quite strenuous, it's was quite tiring. Might be because we didn't had a proper meal the whole day too

the upper Emeral Pool...there's nothing much to see but a almost dried up pool which was no where near emerald color but the hike up was enjoyable

 did the loop which bring up to the trail head of Angel's Landing and back to our car which was located at the Grotto parking lot

by this time we were done for the day....we headed out and find the nearest restaurant which was a Thai restaurant which was located literary just outside of the entrance of the NP. Food was good.... or was i too hungry.
And that was the end of our visit in Zion National Park. Overall we love's not exactly a very big NP(compare to many other NP which are alot more bigger) however it has alot of offer. I really do enjoy our hiking trip here and the view is just gorgeous. This has to be one my favorite National Park. Totally recommend this place!!!

Next day we headed to Bryce Canyon National Park

~ to be continue~

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